How to Perform a Pre-Season Check on your Pack

Highmark 3.0 Avalanche Airbag Pre-Season Check


Avalanche airbags are rarely deployed, but still, it is recommended that they be thoroughly inspected prior to use each season. This annual inspection requires no special tools and can easily be performed by the airbag owner.


How to Perform a Pre-Season Check on a Highmark 3.0 Avalanche Airbag


Check Cylinder Pressure

Open the main compartment of the pack and remove the compressed air cylinder from the venturi system by unscrewing the cylinder in a counter-clockwise direction.

Check the pressure gauge on the cylinder. At room temperature, the dial should point to the green area of the gauge.


Inspect Deployment Cable

From inside the main compartment of the pack, check the position of the deployment cable.

The black cable should be clearly visible and should feed into the shoulder strap without any significant bending.


Dry Fire System

Next, thread the trigger tool that came with your airbag into the airbag venturi system.

Dry fire your avalanche airbag by pulling down on the deployment handle. A clear, audible “CLICK” indicates a successful test.

Remove the trigger tool.



Inspect Airbag/Venturi Connection

Open the airbag compartment at the hook-and-loop closure. There is no need to unfold the airbag.

Lift the folded airbag out far enough to inspect the clamp ring that secures the airbag to the venturi system.

Using your fingers, test the clamp ring for any movement. The clamp ring should not move or rotate.

Ensure that the airbag is not twisted where it attaches to the venturi.

Upon successful inspection, carefully stow the airbag back into the airbag compartment. If necessary, refer to the user manual for instructions on how to repack the airbag.


Deploy Airbag

Reinstall the cylinder into the venturi system by threading it in clockwise until snug.

Put on the airbag as it would be used, ensuring that all straps are secured.

Pull down on the deployment handle to deploy the airbag.

A successful deployment concludes the pre-season check. The cylinder must now be refilled and reinstalled, and the airbag repacked prior to use.

How to Perform a Pre-Season Check on your Pack