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Since you’re here to learn about us, here’s our story.

Way back at the turn of the decade, Snowpulse existed as a company with a handle on the Avalanche Airbag industry. Born out of Europe, Avalanche Airbags were just starting to catch on in North America and technology was advancing quickly to meet the needs of backcountry travelers. In 2009, Mountain Sports Distribution took on the project of distributing the products in Canada and the USA and brought Snowpulse to the masses – skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers.

Because of their unique location in Golden, British Columbia, MSD conveyed the need to Snowpulse to create an avalanche airbag specifically for snowmobilers – specifically, a pack with small volume and and an exterior shovel carry that would meet the needs of the legions of sledders in Golden, Revelstoke and area.  The Snowpulse Highmark 30L was born.

In 2011, Snowpulse would introduced the “Protech Vest,” the first Avalanche Airbag vest for snowmobilers.  The Protech Vest included the “Lifebag” system, which was the predecessor for the Protection Airbag System (P.A.S.) we see today.

In 2013, the Snowpulse technology was purchased by Avalanche Safety pioneers, Mammut. Mammut saw the Snowpulse 2.0 technology as the perfect complement to their professional-level Avalanche Transceivers, Shovels and Probes and looked to round out their offering with a similar-level avalanche airbag.

Mammut was eager to incorporate the Snowpulse Technology into their existing ski pack line and the collaboration would become extremely successful. However, Mountain Sports Distribution continued to advocate for the snowmobile industry and was able to demonstrate the massive need and desire for snowmobile-specific avalanche airbags.

Utilizing a throwback to the original Highmark pack, a new subset was formed – Highmark by Snowpulse – and in 2013 the first line of entirely snowmobile-specific avalanche airbags was born.  In the years following, Highmark would continue to develop as a snowmobile-specific brand with the backing of Mammut.  The result has been products that are still designed in Golden, British Columbia, but built with the technological strength and production abilities of the best avalanche safety product company in the world.

Today, Highmark continues to be a snowmobile-specific company and still bases its designs and features off the input from professional and recreational snowmobilers.